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Manpower is an international company which was founded in the United States of America (USA) in 1948 that offers innovative employment services. The company has more than 3,900 offices in 80 countries and it is the world leader in the field of employment services. Manpower offers a full range of employment services from employee selection and hiring to outsourcing services and consultancy.

Manpower commenced its activity in Latvia in 2006. At the moment we are the leader in rendering of employee hiring services and we have implemented a number of extensive selection projects for different international companies. Manpower Latvia is a licenced company that renders job placement services in Latvia, the Netherlands and Hungary.

Personnel selection

Manpower is a valuable partner in the selection of appropriate employees. Our long-term experience in the selection of appropriate employees gives you an opportunity to focus on your basic activity and allows committing the search and selection of candidates to a professional team.

Pre-selection of candidates

We will help you to find the most suitable channels for the announcement of a vacancy so that you could reach the best possible candidates. The chosen candidates will be pre-selected and we will send you the CVs of those candidates who meet your requirements.

Targeted search

The ever growing competition, the lack of talents and suitable candidates require additional effort in the search for the best employees. The publishing of advertisements not always attracts a sufficient number of suitable candidates for the final choice. Manpower’s extensive network and experience will enable you to reach the candidates who do not follow job advertisements actively but who might be interested in the offered position.

The organisation and administration of extensive personnel selection projects

The economic and entrepreneurship growth also positively features the labour market. Quite often the company’s internal resources are not sufficient enough to organise an extensive personnel selection project. Manpower has successful experience in the organisation of personnel selection projects for the companies that want to select a larger number of people at the same time: both for the administration in the field of manufacturing and the selection of managers and specialists for the new points of service.

Temporary substitution

Your company has vacation periods during which the activities may not be suspended. By the help of Manpower, you will find a suitable leased employee for your company who successfully fulfils the tasks assigned to him/her and allows the permanent employee to enjoy his/her deserved vacation. A temporary leased employee is an appropriate solution for those cases when a permanent employee cannot fulfil his/her obligations due to some reasons.


The changing economics, a temporary increase in orders or work amount, the cyclic character of manufacturing and other factors require flexible planning concerning the labour force. Manpower provides you with suitable employees exactly at the moment when it is needed most of all.

Long-term personnel hiring

Manpower offers support to the company – hiring services (assisting, bookkeeping, administration, customer administration, etc.). Manpower’s task is to find the employees who comply with the values and culture of your company and to ensure substitution in cases when it is necessary. Thus the time consumed for the selection of an appropriate employee or finding a replacement is minimal and work tasks are always done.


Almost every business activity experiences periods that make changes both to the organisation of work and the personnel when the employment relationship with employees shall be terminated. If you want to provide your valuable employee with a safe job exchange, the Manpower consultants will help you: they will go through the administrative formalities, establish person’s competencies, assess their potential, organise career negotiations and help to find a new place of work.

Assessment services

In the search for new talents difficulties may arise with the assessment of the compliance of potential candidate’s skills and traits of character with the requirements of the new position. Manpower professional assessment methods will help you take the right decision.

HR consultancy

We are willing to share our expertise and knowledge about the labour market, employment relationships, opportunities for development and labour legislation. We are always open to consult and help you with decision-making or finding an appropriate solution.


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Ginta Grigorjeva
Business Manager