Manpower is an international company which was founded in the United States of America (USA) in 1948 that offers innovative employment services. The company has more than 3,900 offices in 80 countries and it is the world leader in the field of employment services. Manpower offers a full range of employment services from employee selection and hiring to outsourcing services and consultancy.

Manpower commenced its activity in Latvia in 2006. At the moment we are the leader in rendering of employee hiring services and we have implemented a number of extensive selection projects for different international companies. Manpower Latvia is a licenced company that renders job placement services in Latvia, the Netherlands and Hungary.

Our values – People, Knowledge and Innovations make us special


Each person is unique. We take care of people and understand the important role of work in their life. Through career planning, training, consultancy and appropriate job finding we assist people in the implementation of their potential.

We appreciate the employees, candidates as well as customers’ contribution to our success. We highly value and acknowledge all achievements.


We share our knowledge and experience to make everyone aware of what is relevant today and how the working environment could develop in future. We are open to new ideas and are certain about our abilities for continuous learning and development. We highly value the feedback from customers, candidates and employees and see it as an opportunity for growth.


We are the internationally leading company in the field of employment services; we dare be innovative and be the first ones in trying out new solutions.
We not only wish to develop continuously but also to set forth bigger challenges in order to find new and better solutions for the implementation of any activity.
Our driving force is go-ahead spirit and immediate reaction. We take risks, being aware that not always they will guarantee our success, but we never pose a risk to our customers. We understand that the employment market changes on an ongoing basis, and we help our customers, candidates and employees to cope with these changes successfully.