We have entered the Human Age under new rules

As to the companies, it means that more than ever an essential advantage of company’s competitiveness is the ability to attract the people who possess the right competencies and qualities.

The changes in economics and technologies, which have taken place over last few years, have had an impact on people’s working style.

Employer’s task is to comprehend how to single out each person’s potential, motivation and abilities. One and the same working style and contents are not suitable for everybody anymore. The ability to recognize and hold appropriate people, to offer them the conditions that support their development and inspire them – is what ensures success in the Human Age.

As to the employees, the Human Age means that it is time for you to shine. It is possible for you to find a job that suits your lifestyle. Different things inspire different people. The development of technologies provides an opportunity to have a number of jobs, choosing the time and place by yourself. The key to success is the courage and ability to find a suitable and ideal job for you, irrespective of whether the crucial importance is attached to stability and safety or innovation and flexibility. It is within your powers to find your dream job.

ManpowerGroup’s Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey A. Joerres tells us more about the Human Age:

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