ManpowerGroup’s social responsibility includes three priorities – management, social impact and environmental impact.


The company ManpowerGroup is internationally known as a reliable adviser, a collaboration partner, an employer and a member of society. We are honest in what we say, and we have serious attitude towards our promises. We are always willing to be lucid and foreseeable in our activities. ManpowerGroup is an excellent example of large-scale mutual collaboration. Based on our mission, our common values are: People, Innovation and Knowledge.
We carry responsibility for our action and we have received several awards and acknowledgements in the field of social responsibility.

Our activity is guided by a comprehensive code of ethics (Code of Business Conduct and Ethics ) and various principles. See more


We take care of people and their prosperity and attentively follow labour security and safety.

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Manpower Latvia participates in the programme “EkoBirojs” and carefully treats natural resources.

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