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Based on our global experience on the labour market, we work actively to develop and apply the best practice in cooperation with every client.

Our services

The main goal of your company is to focus on business development, while Manpower will provide support, ensuring a wide range of HR management solutions.

Recruitment services

Manpower’s full-service recruiting experience and recruiting experts use consultative and client-specific strategies to find right-fit talent for the company’s culture and business demands.

Pre-selection from job ad/CV screening

We will help you to find the most suitable channels for the announcement of a vacancy so that you could reach the best possible candidates. The chosen candidates will be pre-selected, and we will send you the CVs of those candidates who meet your requirements.

Full-service recruitment

Full recruitment process involves the candidate search and selection from different sources, interviewing and evaluation of the candidates.

We will begin with an in-depth analysis of your company needs and develop an individual recruitment strategy that suits the best to find the most talented and skilled candidates.

Direct search/Headhunting

Direct search/headhunting is suitable if the vacant position is complicated and there is a need to approach passive job seekers, or a need to find an experienced specialist from a specific industry. We will carry out market research, approach the most appropriate industry professionals, evaluate them and offer them for the vacancy.

Volume recruitment

Often the company’s internal resources are not enough to organise an extensive personnel selection project. Manpower has successful experience in the organisation of personnel recruitment projects for the companies that need to select a larger number of people at the same time.

Staffing services

We place qualified individuals for short-term and long-term assignments in your organization who are selected according to the specified criteria. Manpower finds, hires and assigns people to work on your premises.

Our recruiting process is designed to find skilled individuals who can add business value in your organization from day one. We use proven and reliable job-related assessments to pinpoint candidates’ abilities and fit with your work environment. In addition, we work to build an in-depth understanding of your objectives to effectively match our associates to your needs.


Service includes:

  • recruitment of qualified specialists
  • employment relationships formalisation (work contract with Manpower)
  • payroll accounting and tax calculations and payment
  • HR administration
  • reporting

Other HR services


In a search for new talents, difficulties may arise with the assessment of the compliance of potential candidate’s skills and traits of character with the requirements of the new position. Manpower professional assessment methods will help you make the right decision.

HR consultancy

We are willing to share our expertise and knowledge about the labour market, employment relationships, opportunities for development and labour legislation. We are always open to consult and help you with decision-making or finding an appropriate solution.


Almost every business activity experiences periods of changes to both the organisational structure and personnel, when the employment relationship with employee shall be terminated. If you want to provide your valuable employee with a safe job exchange, Manpower consultants will help you: we will  evaluate employee’s competences, assess the potential, organize career consultancy and assist in finding a new job.

Service is adapted individually to the needs and specifics of each company and can be carried out at Manpower or on your company’s premises.

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