Recruitment services

Our recruitment specialists use consultative and customized strategies to find the most suitable candidates for each company’s unique culture and specific requirements.
Using our more than 15 years of work experience in Latvia, we will help you find employees of different qualification and specialties. Depending on your needs, we can offer several levels of selection services – from CV screening to full-recruitment process, as well as direct serach or headhunting of candidates for specific vacancies.

CV screening

We will help you find the most suitable information channels for your vacancy announcement. By choosing the most accurate and high-quality communication channels, it is possible to address the best potential candidates, saving your company’s most important resource – time. We will also select the most suitable candidates that meet the needs of your company and send you the CVs of these candidates.

Full-cycle recruitment

Full-cycle recruitment consists of searching for potential candidates using various resources, organizing job interviews with candidates, as well as evaluating these candidates. We will begin with an in-depth analysis of your company’s needs, followed by an individually selected recruitment strategy designed to find the most talented and best professionals for your business.

Direct search or headhunting

Headhunting is suitable for companies if the vacancy is intended for certain specialists in a specific field, as well as if it is necessary to address passive job seekers. We will perform a market analysis, address the most suitable professionals in the industry, evaluate their suitability for your company and offer you the best candidates.

Volume recruitment

Often the company’s internal resources are not enough to make a large and high-quality selection of staff. Manpower has extensive experience in organizing recruitment projects for companies that aim to find a large number of new employees at the same time.

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