Staffing services

We provide qualified staff for your company’s short and long-term needs, selected according to pre-defined criteria. Manpower does everything you need – recruit, hire and assign employees to your company.

Our selection procedures are designed to find the potential employees who will add the most value to your business from day one. We use reliable and field-tested assessment methods that detail candidates’ professional skills and relevance to your company.

When is staffing useful?

Replacement of an employee during a long absence.
During the long-term absence of an employee - incapacity for work or other absence - we will provide a temporary employee with an appropriate profile to perform the relevant functions in your company.
Ensuring the operation of a company in Latvia without establishing a legal representative office.
Staffing will be a suitable solution in cases when foreign companies need employees to perform work or serve the company's customers in Latvia.
Provision of temporary staff for seasonal or project work (from 2 months).
Staffing of employees is a good solution in cases where the company faces the need for additional labor due to seasonal or project work.
Replacement of the personnel administration function by transferring all or part of the team to Manpower.
This is an opportunity for the company to reduce administrative burdens and costs by entrusting Manpower with employment and personnel administration.

Included in the service

Selection and recruitment of qualified staff
We will conduct full-cycle recruitment of personnel to find the necessary employees for your company with the appropriate qualifications.
Establishment of an employment relationship (employment contract with Manpower)
Manpower enters into an employment contract with an employee and becomes its legal employer. The employee performs duties for and under your direction.
Salary and tax calculations and payments
Based on your approved working time-sheet, we will calculate and pay employees' salaries and taxes in accordance with the applicable legislation.
Personnel record keeping
Our personnel specialists will perform all necessary personnel record keeping and maintenance of documentation in accordance with the applicable legislation.
Preparation of various reports
We will prepare the necessary reports on staff costs and statistics.

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