Manpower – for jobseekers

Every day, thousands of people turn to Manpower to find a job that suits their lifestyle. It’s YOUR TIME to discover new opportunities!

First steps in building a career

You are at the starting point of your career and wish to be noticed on the labour market. You want to have a chance to prove that you are a perspective candidate who wants to grow and develop together with the company. Manpower will help you find the best soil, where your career will sprout and create strong roots for your future growth.

Career changes

You have accumulated considerable work experience, but you wish to make some changes to your professional career. You want to switch the company you are working for, choose another sector, where you can apply your knowledge, or maybe you have already long been considering learning the skills required for another occupation. Manpower will help you find the most suitable workplace, so that you can continue your professional career without prolonged idle time and avoid the exhausting search for the “right” vacancy.

New opportunities for industry experts

You are an expert who has proved your skills to the company management and maybe also to the entire industry. Accurate and focused performance has helped you to climb the career ladder up to the very peak, and you feel that you have reached the “ceiling” of your occupation in the company. Manpower will help you find new professional challenges on the labour market as well as to open the door to a career beyond the borders of Latvia. We have a close cooperation with Manpower companies in the Baltics and Scandinavia.

It’s your time to shine!

Unlimited career opportunities await you. Manpower will assist you achieve the peak of your professional activity.


If you are interested in receiving a job offer that suits you, please send us information about yourself. We are looking for YOU!